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  • Flexi-Flow

    The only patented, titanium reinforced composite cement with the strength of dentin. Flexi-Flow® provides a solid, foundation for your post and restoration.

    Flexi-Flow is available in Gray shade, Flexi-Flow Natural for aesthetic restorations - and Flexi-Flow Auto E (Shade Vita A2) flowable dual composite cements.

  • Flexi Fiber

    Since the introduction of the revolutionary split shank Flexi-Post® & Flexi-Flange®, Essential Dental Systems has developed an innovative family of products that meet the challenges of restorative dentistry.

    In keeping with their tradition of superior, clinically tested products that are proven safe and reliable under function, Essential Dental Systems has created two additional remarkable products:

    Flexi-Post® Fiber & Flexi-Flange® Fiber.

    - These are the only fiber posts to provide superior retention and stability without requiring the use of a bonding agent!

    - They provide the highest fiber post in-tooth retention while producing minimal stress to the root.

  • Flexi-Post

    Flexi-Post is the patented, split-shank, parallel sided threaded post. Through the incorporation of the split shank, the stresses of insertion are absorbed by the post (not the root) during placement. Flexi-Post predictably provides maximum retention with minimal stress. The proven Flexi-Post has a 99.99% success rate!* (For cases with minimal coronal dental see Flexi-Flange.)

    Multiple Tiers

    Distributes functional stresses evenly around the embedded threads. Vertical blades remove all dentinal debris, enhancing ease of placement. Increases the intimacy of fit between the post and the natural point at which the canal widens, thereby increasing the stability of the post by preventing the breakdown of cement, greatly enhancing long term retention.


    Closes upon insertion to deliver maximum retention with minimal insertional stress - virtually eliminating the major cause of root fracture.

  • Flexi-Flange

    Flexi-Flange® utilizes all the benefits of the patented Flexi-Post while incorporating a countersunk flange to provide stability in situations where there is inadequate coronal dentin and excessive occlusal forces.

    The Benefits of the Patented Flexi-Flange:

    - Cuts into dentin rather than pushing it away.

    - Closes upon insertion to deliver maximum retention with minimal stress. Removes all dentinal debris, enhancing ease of placement.

    The head is highly compatible with Ti-Core®, Ti-Core® Natural, other composites, glass ionomers and amalgam. The vertical and horizontal grooves eliminate rotation of core material.

  • Flexi-Overdenture

    Dentures in a SNAP: Based upon a patented split-shank post, the ball and socket attachment delivers all the benefits of the Flexi-Post for highest retention of full and partial dentures. The attachment can be placed without lab assistance providing a simple, inexpensive overdenture at chairside.

    - Gives the practitioner the ability to perfect one technique for a variety of clinical situations

    - The system may be used with the patented EZ-Change® keeper and cap insert system allowing, for "quick and easy" nylon cap replacement.

  • Ti-Core

    Ti-Core® reinforced core materials are the only patented, titanium and lanthanide reinforced composite material that matches the strength of dentin. Ti-Core resists the ditching and grooving during preparation common to composite, glass and resin ionomer core build-up materials. Ti-Core provides a solid, long lasting restoration.

    Ti-Core is available as:

    - Ti-Core: Paste formula, gray shade.

    - Ti-Core Natural: For aesthetic restorations. Paste formula, Shade Vita A3.

    - Ti-Core Auto E: Auto mix syringe. Flowable dual cured composite material in Shade Vita A2.

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