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  • SafeSiders Medium Deluxe Gutta Percha

    SafeSiders® Deluxe Gutta Percha Point in size medium was made specifically to compliment our Endo-Express/SafeSiders Instrumentation system and work complementary with other endodontic systems. The new point is made with deluxe materials, is expertly tapered, and hand-rolled. This unique point was made using a stiffer blend of Gutta Percha which reduces the likelihood of buckling. This product eliminates the guesswork of finding the proper fitting Gutta Percha point after using the SafeSiders Instrumentation System! In addition, the new point works well with all Endodontic instrumentation systems.

  • EZ-Fill and EZ-Fill Xpress

    Both EZ-Fill® and EZ-Fill® Xpress thoroughly coats the walls of the root canal and lateral canals without significant cement being forced apically. The reverse spirals on the apical end rotate in an unwinding direction out of the canal, and thus help prevent binding.

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