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  • Endo-Express + Safe Siders

    The Endo-Express® Reciprocating Handpiece and the SafeSiders® reamers- Unlike rotary users, Endo-Express reciprocating users dont fear instrument separation or dentin micro-fractures!
    As the leader in reciprocation, these instruments are designed with a patented flat to:

    - Create more efficient cutting

    - Reduces engagement for faster advancement

    - Reduces instrument stress improving durability

    - Increases instrument flexibility without sacrificing strength

    - Finally - replace instruments because they dull and not because you fear they will break!

  • Tango-Endo

    With Tango-Endo® Instruments, it only takes two instruments to complete most cases. By eliminating the fear of fracture you can now complete your endo cases in a simple and predicable process.


    - Time saving two instrument shaping system.

    - Tough and reusable. Use Tango-Endo instruments up to 3 times providing dramatic savings compared to single use systems.

    - Affordable Tango-Endo reciprocating handpiece can be used with your current endo motor or any e-type air motor.


    - Patented flat along the entire length creates two vertical blades, increased cutting, and reduced engagement of the instrument for faster advancement with less resistance to the apex.

    - Unique flute design facilitates safe canal shaping and finishing.

    - The patented flat increases instrument flexibility without compromising strength.

    - Tango-Endo Instruments are specifically designed for the Tango-Endo reciprocating handpiece to virtually eliminate binding and instrument separation.

    - Prevents canal distortion.


    - Simple 2 step process.

    - Superior ability to negotiate curves.

    - Quickly navigates to the apex.

    -Calibration rings provide quick and precise assistance in determining the working length.

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